Ustica Study Center

Know and appreciate the cultural heritage of the island of Ustica



to promote and protect Ustica

Exhibitions, research, educational projects, literary magazines, books, lectures, guided tours and much more all in the name of Ustica. The Study and Documentation Center of Ustica was established in 1997, it is a volunteering association that organizes cultural events centered on the island of Ustica with in-depth study of its naturalistic and cultural heritage.



Further studies of the history of the island will make you discover particularly interesting facts because they are linked to the history of the whole of Italy. The island, in fact, has been for two centuries a place of confinement and, for this reason, crossroads of all social and historical events that have happened during the troubled history of the nation: from the Risorgimento riots, to the anarchist struggles, and to antifascism. The halls of the ancient Town Hall host the exhibitions and activities of the Study and Documentation Center of Ustica. The building, erected in 1901, stands in the heart of the village overlooking the main square, just steps away from the Hotel Clelia.

Our warm welcome, the sea, the nature and the wonders of Ustica are ready to welcome you

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