Experience all the aspects of Ustica's sea

In Ustica you will experience the excitement of a really free holiday.
Uncontaminated sea rich in rare fish, dozens of bathing sites, intimate inlets accessible only by the sea, beaches of black volcanic sand and pebbles and fascinating grottoes of many colors that open along the coasts.

Ustica is the perfect location for those who love sun-bathing. The natural coves, within the Marine Protected Area, are handy starting points for long swims, immersions or snorkeling, and seawatching to explore superb underwater sceneries.
Besides tourists, Hotel Clelia welcomes in Ustica also students, biologists, scholars and divers all year round.

A seabed rich in natural sights; flora and fauna including rare species accustomed to man's presence; underwater archaeological finds. At Hotel Clelia we will be happy to help you organize your holiday to discover Ustica and its marine protected area

Treating yourself to a boat ride to visit the grottoes or discovering the underwater ones by scuba diving, will be a special way to explore the sea of Ustica. At Hotel Clelia we will give you information on the best tours to discover the island and explore the many natural grottoes.

Water depths around Ustica are a real paradise for diving enthusiasts: Ustica's submerged world is an exciting experience for snorkelling and underwater photography enthusiasts.

There are many ways to experience the sea of Ustica: relax under the warm sun, explore the small coves located along the coast, venture in deep waters , or dive from the high rocks.

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