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discovering a fascinating past

Following the tracks of the past you can't miss a visit of the prehistoric Middle Bronze Age village at the Faraglioni. Diggings have brought to light various huts and a complex and functional road system. The excavations have revealed useful elements to reconstruct the complex life of the village which had been suddenly abandoned, thus leaving intact most of its furnishings. Many objects are on display at the "Seminara" Prehistoric Museum, a real treasure in the heart of the town, hosted in the halls once used as prison for the confined persons.

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At a short distance from the town is the Museum of Underwater Archeology, arranged in the Bourbon tower of Santa Maria, it exhibits finds discovered in the waters of the island. The Laboratory-Museum of Volcanology, set up in the remains of the Bourbon fortress of the Rocca della Falconiera, will introduce you to the interesting and complex volcanic origins of the island through extraordinary finds and audiovisual devices. From the locations where the three museums stand you can enjoy unique and unpredictable panoramic views.

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