A fascinating story above and below the sea

Small, beautiful, unique, wild as much as necessary, populated by friendly people.

Ustica is the oldest Italian Marine Reserve (established in 1986). It offers wonderful depths; equipped Diving Centers; coves with sand and pebbles; beautiful grottoes, incredible colors and crystal clear waters. You may visit the island riding a scooter or by public shuttles that efficiently connect all the swimming sites, but you may as well ride a bicycle. While guests at Hotel Clelia discover how many treasures Ustica has to show you.

is a Sicilian excellent gourmet food under the protection of Slow Food. Taste Ustica's Lentils in local restaurants, cooked according to traditional recipes of the island.

A volunteering association that organizes cultural events, exhibitions and walks to explain the geology, history and archeology of the island. The main office of the Study Centre of Ustica is steps away from the Hotel Clelia.

Visiting Ustica by mountain bike allows you to really get to know the spirit of the island. You may reach, in perfect slow style, sites with gorgeous views. At Hotel Clelia you will get advise on the most suggestive routes.

For your holiday trekking, to enjoy the unique pleasure of nature and its silence, choose the Hotel Clelia for any kind of help. You can adventure on many trails in Ustica: from the paths along the coast to those in the woods.

Since 2016 Ustica's broad bean is on the Slow Food list. Grown since ancient times, it is small with a delicious and distinct flavor, and it is cooked at local restaurants according to traditional recipes of the island.

Discover Ustica through its Museums: the prehistoric museum "Seminara" arranged in the old prison for the confined; the Museum of underwater archeology at the Bourbon tower of Santa Maria and the Laboratory-Museum of volcanology at the Rocca della Falconiera.

Ustica is beautiful and mild all year round. In Ustica you can enjoy crystal clear and suggestive sea water. Green-pine-forests cover the slopes of the island, as well as the spontaneous vegetation that reaches right down to the coast.

Since 2000 the island of Ustica is part of the Slow Food movement, an international organization that protects endangered heritage food and produce linked to the territory. Slow Food has included in the list the lentil and broad bean grown on the island..

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