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All directions to Ustica Island with timetables and fares.

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Ustica, a small island situated 70km north of Palermo, is the emerged peak of a submarine inactive volcano 2000m height, originated a million of years ago. Because of a variety of vulcanite rocks, Ustica is like an open-pit volcanic museum.

The volcanic nature of the island and the slow and constant erosion of the sea gifted Ustica with an irregular and rugged coast, rich of inlets, little creeks and stunning caves.

The island, in the 80s, had been declared the First Italian Natural Marine Reserve, because of the richness of its seabed, and indeed it offers to its visitors a unique sea experience in the world. You will only need to dive your head to find yourselves in to another dimension, a breathtaking spectacle: extremely rich fauna, exceptional clearness and enormous quantity of sea creatures, now familiar with human presence. Divers will definitely appreciate in full the natural treasures offered by our seabed, but also less skilled divers and children will get enthusiastic by a simple Sea Watching experience.

The inland, declared Nature Reserve, will surprise you with its rich vegetation and variety of colours. Walking through the streets of the old town is extremely fascinating, thanks to a gallery of murals which decorate the front of the houses. When you will walk through the town alleys, aromas of typical dishes will accompany you and make you feel like brought back in time. You can also see exposed, on characteristics straw chairs, typical products of forgotten flavours.

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